Delivery Services Wraps up Another Busy Year!

delivery staff MHLS Delivery Services: As 2015 winds down we’d like to share some delivery numbers from the past year.
• A total of 23,700 individual delivery stops were made.
• Our delivery vans drove 200,750 miles this year, the equivalent of driving across the United States 58 times!
• 31,923 boxes came into MHLS headquarters which if stacked is equal to over 30 times the height of the Empire State Building!
• 1, 436,535 items were sorted and turned around at MHLS for delivery to member libraries.

This is all made possible by our member libraries generously sharing their resources among each other, the delivery drivers, and the material handlers at MHLS. Best wishes for 2016!

[MHLS Delivery Service’s Material Handler Staff are pictured above: John Barath, Chris McCann, Vinnie McCombs & Michael Tsahalis]