Productivity Webinar

Productivity Webinar: Presented for MHLS by Ron Kirsop, Assistant Director, Pioneer Library System: Thursday, January 28th from 10:00 – 11:00am. This popular program from the 2015 New York Library Association Conference in Lake Placid is being brought to MHLS!

ronDesigned for library directors and staff, in this presentation, Ron Kirsop will talk about shifting the way we think about our day-to-day priorities by highlighting methods, organizational tools, and habits that can be used to make us the most productive versions of ourselves. During this webinar we will cover:
• Become familiar with six existing productivity methods.

• Learn about the best habits to increase productivity.

• Talk about productivity tools that can be used to help with organization and task management.

Please register for this even through the MHLS online calendar