Courtesy Notices Started April 1st

A new patron-friendly feature was introduced on April 1 – Courtesy Notices! These notices are emails sent to library patrons alerting them to upcoming due dates on items they currently have checked out. This feature is helpful to patrons and can increase circulation figures through patron renewal of items they would like to keep a bit longer.


This new feature, approved by the MHLS Directors Association, was recommended by the MHLS Resource Sharing Advisory Council. Notices will be sent out daily, system-wide, to patrons who have items due in three days.

Please note that notices will only be sent out on items checked out after April 1st. The first actual notices will not be delivered until the length of your library’s shortest loan rule minus three days (or minus one day for items checked out under a three day loan rule).

Here’s a preview of the working in the notice your patrons will see:

Subject:  Items Coming Due Soon

Message:  This is a reminder that item(s) on your account are coming due soon. Some items may be eligible for renewal.  Please check your library card account online at or contact your local library for more information.

If there are any technical questions around courtesy notices, feel free to contact myself or Thomas O’Connell at /