There is still time to make an impact!

Advocacy Day in Albany may have come and gone but that doesn’t mean our work is done! Between now and April 1 intensive discussions are going on to decide the fate of library aid in the State budget. Don’t let up now! Speak up and encourage others to do so as well!

Step 1: Get up to speed on the issues:

Step 2: Get the word out and help others do the same!:

  • By Phone – call the local office of your State Senator and Assemblyperson and drive home the need for:
    • Full formula funding for Library Aid, absent that, the same increase proposed for Education (4.3%)
    • Increase the State Aid for Public Library Construction Program to $30 million
  • Through Social Media – use the New York Library Association’s Virtual Advocacy Day Activities support page to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get the word out. Don’t forget to tag your legislators so they can see the level of interest among their constituents when it comes to supporting libraries!