Reminder of Damaged Items Policy & Procedure

discReminder of Damaged Items Policy & Procedure from the MHLS Resource Sharing Standards: (knowledgebase login required to access the full document)

“A. Owning library must indicate the number of parts in the item – in M-message field of the item record. Without this indication missing pieces will be the responsibility of the owning library. An item checked in is considered accepted by the library that checks it in, and the library assumes responsibility for the condition.

B. Do a visual check before check-in. If books are damaged, AV components are broken, or if the item is missing pieces or damaged beyond normal wear and tear, do NOT check the item in. See Missing Components Procedure.

C. It is the financial responsibility of the library, at check in and check out, to make sure all pieces are included. This does not require removing components.

D. The library that is checking in the item needs to make the first attempt to recover the missing parts by a phone call to the patron within 48 hours. The library that is checking in the item over their desk from the delivery box will call the last patron, regardless of whose patron it is, within 48 hours.”

Missing & Damaged Component Procedure (knowledgebase login required to access):