Change Management Series

MHLS Leadership Circle: 2017 Change Management Series with Evelyn Neale, President of Successful Change & Director of the William K. Sanford Town Library. The 2017 Leadership Circle is a two-part series this year. MHLS member library directors have the opportunity to attend two events, build a plan for change and receive professional support from our speaker Evelyn Neale between the two events to help carry out their plan, to optimize their skill set to manage change in their organization.

Part 1 (May 5): Managing Known Change – Creating a Change Plan

  • Learn about and understand the science of change
  • Learn how to assess your library’s readiness for change
  • Have the opportunity to develop strategies to address a particular change that will be or that you want to occur in your library and how to organize a plan to accomplish this change successfully.

Part 2 (October 3): Managing Unknown Change

  • Have the opportunity to present Change Plans from the previous session
  • Learn tools to help manage unknown change
  • Participate in an activity that will help with understanding and managing unknown change
  • Learn your communication style
  • Participate in activity to identify and explore how their communication style contributes to your leadership style and how this can help support your library in times of change

Register online for both sessions: