Net Neutrality Under Threat

ALA strenuously opposes FCC proposed order on net neutrality: American Library Association President Jim Neal released the following statement regarding the proposed order on net neutrality released by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai: “Preserving net neutrality is essential for equitable access to online information and services and thus a vital concern for our nation’s libraries. Now that the internet has become the primary mechanism for delivering information, services and applications to the general public, it is especially important that commercial Internet Service Providers are not able to control or manipulate the content of these communications. Libraries, our patrons and America’s communities will be at risk if the FCC repeals all protections contained in its 2015 Open Internet Order with no plans to replace with any enforceable rules. We strenuously disagree with the FCC’s actions and will continue to advocate for essential net neutrality protections.” The FCC Commission will vote on the proposed order at the December open Commission meeting on Thursday, December 14, 2017.