Deepfake Videos

Road SignThere is a new technique that can be used to spread misinformation called a “deepfake.” Deepfake videos are  altered or produced by artificial intelligence-based technologies to make a seemingly real video of something that didn’t really happen. There are different strategies creators use such as Faceswap, which can seamlessly place someone in a place or situation they have never been in before, and Lipsync where audio and video files are merged and can make someone look like they are saying words they’ve never spoken. There is also a strategy called Facial Reenactment where creators can transfer facial expressions and make someone look angry, happy, or any other emotion.

Library staff should be aware of this emerging trend and ready to educate their patrons on how to spot the difference between real video footage and deepfake videos.

Learn more about deepfakes on the American Library Association Public Programs page: