State Budget Finalized


The State budget was finalized on April 2nd. Library advocates efforts helped to fight the odds in this challenging economic climate, with a result that helped the starting spot for library aid land above the Governor’s proposed cut thanks to a legislative add of $2.5 million. We will start the year with an estimated 3% cut with a very large caveat tied to it. The Governor has the authority to cut our funding at three different points over the course of the fiscal year in response to actual revenues received. The State Aid for Library Construction Program was funded at $14 million, while a significant cut from last year, we can all agree we are lucky to see this program in existence this year.

Please take a moment to say thank you to our state legislators, they worked very hard on our behalf this year and went through a grueling budget session. Send a message of thanks through the New York Library Association’s Online Advocacy Center: