Updated Resource Sharing Standards

noticePlease review the recent updates to the Resource Sharing Standards. During the June 9th Directors Association meeting, the member library directors approved to update the policies and procedures to include:

Registration for Institutions
While libraries have long extended registration, it was done without policy and the record entry had not been codified. The Patron Registration section now includes field requirements and instructions for entry.

Claims Returned clarification
A misunderstanding of claims returned that has lingered for decades has finally been put to rest, in the Claims Returned section of the Resource Sharing Standards.

  • The decision to apply the “claims return” process is determined by the owning location.
  • A library may not place a “claims returned” on any item that they do not own.
  • The number in the “claims returned” field in the patron record may be reduced by MHLS if a “claims returned” is located. The request for the reduction must come from the owning location and be submitted through the ticket system to MHLS