The Great Give Back Participants

During the month of October, 38 libraries in the Mid-Hudson Library System participated in the statewide program The Great Give Back! These libraries provided opportunities for library patrons to participate in meaningful community service experiences. Community service opportunities that libraries planned as part of The Great Give Back included art and writing projects to benefit the community, collections of items like socks, soap, and shampoo for people in need, food drives, pet adoption events, collecting and creating items to aid cancer patients, and supporting our pollinators. Many libraries also partnered with other organizations such as local animal shelters, local food pantries, and local women’s shelters to build connections in their communities and increase the impact of their efforts. This statewide program was brought to our region thanks to a partnership between the Mid-Hudson Library System and the Suffolk Cooperative Library System. Many libraries also produced The Great Give Back events in support of Hudson Valley Climate Solutions Week.