On-Demand Consultations & Training [MHLS]

All consultations are free of charge, customizable and can be brought your library at your convenience.

Contact: Casey Conlin, MHLS Library Sustainability Coordinator for at cconlin@midhudson.org | 845.471.6060 x260

Advocacy 101
For staff, trustees or Friends Groups – or all of the above!

Board Basics
Get the basics about trustee responsibilities and duties in two hours. (Includes role of the director.)

Building Your Base of Support in the Community
Learn the basics of community engagement including best practices for connecting with your community to build support.

Essential Policies
Learn about the policies essential to protecting your library and staff.

Facilities for the Future
Looking to make the most of your existing space? Is it time to expand or build new? Go green? Start off on the right foot.

Internal Financial Controls
Make sure your board is as transparent and accountable as possible with the public funding entrusted to your care.

Friends Basics
Get the basics about Friends – what they do, who they are, how they operate.

Fundraising Facts
Basics and Best Practices, including fundraising ideas that work.

Getting to Yes: Winning Your Vote
Know-how for your library’s budget vote or building referendum.

New Director Orientation
New to MHLS? New to being a director? Let us help you get started.

Non-User Outreach Survey Team Training
Training for your survey team to prepare them to gather information from non-users in your community.

Planning for Success / Strategic Planning
Community-based planning is the only way to move your library forward. Connecting community priorities with library service and outreach plans is a great way to build support for your library and meet the community’s needs. Find out how your board can become highly responsive to the community you serve and how to streamline board decision-making through planning.

Public Relations & Community Engagement for Friends
Learn about effective ways to communicate and engage with the community.

Recruitment, Retention & Revitalization for Friends Groups
How to make more Friends stay.

Sustainable Funding
Learn about your library’s options to secure adequate operational funding.

Smart Growth for Your Library
See where your library falls in the Public Library Growth Cycle and find out how your library can evolve to prepare for change.

Workflow Consulting
MHLS Workflow Consultations are designed to provide an evaluation of your ILS related procedures as well as best practice guidance for library directors and their staff. Workflow Consulting Request Form

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