MHLS Board Meeting

25Board of TrusteesAfter the Annual Membership Meeting on Friday, October 16th the MHLS Board of Trustees met in the Vassar Room of the  Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel and Banquet Center, and:

  • reported the number of items borrowed/loaned between MHLS member libraries is up 12%;
  • critiqued the 56th Annual Membership Meeting;
  • discussed the current status of the provision of public library services to Town of Union Vale residents;
  • authorized the expenditure of $115,700 of System funds for the   renovation of 1st floor bathrooms to be ADA compliant and the renovation of the 1st lobby area to improve public safety;
  • approved submission of 2015 Variance Requests from the Hudson Area Association, Patterson and Reed Memorial Libraries; and
  • approved the Directors Association’s revised Capital Development Fund Policy.


The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for Saturday, December 5 at 10:00am in the MHLS Auditorium. (Snow date: Tuesday, December 15)