New Delivery Schedule

Beginning on February 1st MHLS will implement the new delivery schedule approved by the MHLS Directors Association (DA) in October. This new schedule was recommended to the DA by the MHLS System Services Advisory Committee (SSAC), made up of member library directors, to meet two goals:

  • To align delivery routes with data trends related to the volume of items being transported through the delivery service, while retaining Saturday deliveries and
  • To gain efficiencies that would reduce the cost of the delivery services contract to keep this service affordable.

Prior to the SSAC recommendation to the DA, the SSAC requested MHLS staff provide options to the SSAC for changes to current MHLS Delivery Services based on reducing the cost of the contract with Hudson River Transport, which had increased by $21,997 in 2015 to a yearly amount of $365,716.

Thanks to this analysis by the SSAC, the consensus reached by the DA and negotiations conducted by MHLS staff, in November 2015, MHLS and delivery vendor Hudson River Transport signed an amended contract to implement the new DA approved delivery schedule as of February 1, 2016 resulting in a savings of over $23,000.

A list of the new MHLS Daily Delivery Services Routes, by library and by day, which will be in effect as of February 1, 2016 are available at:

If you have any questions please contact Tom Finnigan, MHLS Shipping & Receiving Manager.