FLSA & Overtime Rules Webinar


Get the scoop on the new Overtime Rules with an upcoming MHLS webinar with Shari Fallon, PHR, SHRM-CP a Compensation Consultant from Cornell University on Thursday, December 15th from 2:00 – 3:30pm.

While the new Federal Overtime Rules slated to begin on December 1, 2016 have been delayed until January 20, 2016, this is a new regulation that could have significant financial impact on local libraries, particularly small libraries. Even though the Federal minimum has been delayed New York State is still increasing the salary thresholds for employees who are entitled to be paid overtime if they are authorized to work more than 40 hour a week, effective December 31, 2016. This applies to library directors and managers as well.  At the end of this year the weekly rate that defines the salary threshold will go up to $727.50 a week.

Make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of how the Fair Labor Standards Act applies in your workplace and get the latest information on the new overtime rules. This webinar is appropriate for directors and trustees.

Please register online for this event.