2020 Census Complete Count Committees

Libraries will play a critical role in providing digital access and assistance for completing the Census, and educating people, including families with young children, about the benefits of completing the Census, and why it’s in their interest to fill it out. Some libraries have already begun partnering with local organizations in their community to get out the count, and their communities will benefit from this early organization. Building partnerships and collaborating with community agencies to make sure we motivate everyone to get counted, especially hard-to-count populations, is critical to getting the representation that our communities deserve in our state and federal governments. A complete count is also critical in securing the funding and planning for things we need in our communities like schools, playgrounds and community development projects.


If you’d like to get started with a Complete Count Committee, please contact Casey Conlin, MHLS Library Sustainability Coordinator, cconlin@midhudson.org or visit https://midhudson.org/census-2020/