Library Smoking Ban Takes Effect June 19

In December 2018, Governor Cuomo signed into law legislation to prohibit smoking within one hundred feet of the entrances, exits or outdoor areas of any public or association library. This new law will take effect June 19th. Vaping is not prohibited by the law in the same areas, but libraries can adopt policy to restrict the use of e-cigarettes. Compliance with the new law:

  • Libraries are required to prominently post and properly maintain signage outside of each door of the building, regardless of whether such door serves as a public entrance or exit, where the 100-foot restricted perimeter begins, or as close to the restricted perimeter as possible. Signage should either clearly denote that smoking is prohibited within one hundred feet or use the international “no smoking” symbol.
  • Libraries are required to inform employees about the new law and designate an agent to inform non-employees when they are in violation of the law.
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