Department Services

The MHLS Technology Operations Department provides a variety of services to member libraries. It also works ‘behind-the-scenes’ supporting system staff, evaluating future technology developments, and assisting with institutional research. A listing of our primary member library services can be found below:

  • Help Desk

Technology Operations provides both phone and email support to member libraries (email is heavily preferred). Our help desk supports Sierra, basic network/internet troubleshooting, software installation/configuration/removal, malware removal, and similar basic requests. Please note that SAM is supported directly by the vendor. Also note, this support service is provided solely to library directors and staff. Members of the public cannot be supported at this time.

  • Cataloging Support & Maintenance

Our Cataloging Staff provide record maintenance and upkeep, including all bibliographic and authority record changes

  • Technology Research

Technology Operations can assist member libraries in researching technology for use in your library. Contact tech support for more information.

  • Equipment Purchasing

Technology Operations can assist member libraries in choosing and purchasing technical equipment. For more information see our technology purchasing page.

  • Technology Training

Technology Operations periodically runs trainings which can be found on the MHLS Calendar. Please contact tech support to request additional training on specific topics.

  • Tech Support & Consultant Visits

Technology Operations can perform support visits to member libraries to assist with configuring computers, printers, software, and networking equipment. Library Network Assessments (appraisals of current technology), and Library Technology Assessments (planning visits for future projects) are available as well. Please call the tech support line to arrange a visit and confirm any current costs of this service. Note that MHLS cannot perform cabling/rewiring, other electrical work, anything related to phone systems, or security systems installations.

  • Computer Repair & Configuration

Technology Operations can assist member libraries with computer repairs and support. We troubleshoot and repair both hardware and software issues on computers delivered to MHLS. Please call the tech support line to arrange computer repair and confirm the current costs of this service. Please note that computers older that 8 years cannot be serviced. Other restrictions may apply.

  • Tech Support Contract

To simplify the process of receiving tech support, Technology Operations can provide limited tech support contracts to member libraries. This option may be a better choice for libraries that frequently require support visits or computer repair. For more information, please contact tech support.

  • Hosted Websites & Support

MHLS provides wordpress websites as part of a multisite offering. Please contact tech support for more information.

  • E-Rate Grants

Technology Operations does its best to stay appraised of technology-related grants available to member libraries. More information can be found here.

  • Overdrive Support

Technology Operations provides Overdrive support to both library staff and patrons by email only. Please contact tech support to receive Overdrive assistance.

  • Equipment Disposal

Technology Operations is no longer able to provide technology equipment disposal. For information on other available providers please go here.

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